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Who are The Unicorn Club?

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Here's all you need to know about us...

Who's in The Unicorn Club?

The Unicorn Club is a Sydney five piece outfit that have pioneered the Unicorn Rock movement which has gained popularity in parts of Australia. They are a mixture of twee pop and 90's indie rock with elements of post-rock.

We play in Mickey's bedroom and record our songs using one microphone that usually sits in the middle of the floor unless its being held above the keyboard so that its not drowned out by the drums.
We have a bell wheel that has a whole octave on it thats
sorry i had to do that. Anyway it's the greatest thing in the world and so much fun to play. you can never get bored it has colours!
Our first album is called Princess Beautiful Sparkle, it is a concept album detailing the transformation from a unicorn girl to a unicorn woman and ultimately to Princess Beautiful Sparkle, the most beautiful Unicorn in all of Unicornia and ruler of the entire Magjiykkll kingdom. It highlights her courting of the unicorn prince as well as her struggles against the mortal enemy of the unicorns who kidnaps her prince and tries to siege her palace, we hear the heartfelt ode to the unicorn princess as sung by her most loyal subjects professing that she is indeed their unicorn and the album climaxes with the joy of her journey home to be reunited with her prince and her faithful unicorn kingdom.



take that corn, unicorn horn.
corn horn corn yeah