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Songs + Lyrics

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These are some of our songs!

Unicorn Girl
This was our first Unicorn Club song. This is another song dedicated to the beauty of Princess Beautiful Sparkle but this is her more sexual and empowering side. Can you imagine the sight of seeing Princess Beautiful Sparkle strutting her stuff on the sidewalk? Well hopefully this song explains what it is like to see her in all her glory. After this song the Unicorn Club decided that there was no turning back, we needed to spread our knowledge and passion for Unicornia. It was after this song that we became what we are, messengers- vessels for the Unicornian monarchy. There is no way of explaining the true beauty of Princess Beautiful Sparkle in the human tongue, so hopefully our concept album will make things a lot clearer. It has been difficult to decipher the ancient scripts and translate them into Human but we have made a pact to honour Princess Beautiful Sparkle and the Unicorn Prince Gattakia.  

download song here!

Run Home Beautiful Unicorn (Milius Unicornius Canterion Abodia)
This song marks both the beginning and end of our journey with Princess Beautiful Sparkle, although it closes the album it starts a whole new adventure still unknown to the human world. Princess Beautiful Sparkle has escaped the clutches of evil and must run her last stretch of land before she reaches the safe haven of her Jewell Kingdom. She stands watching the majestic building sitting on the horizon, calling for her, when the creatures of Unicornia whisper in her ear "Millius Unicornius Canterion Abodia". With her last spout of energy she dashes for the castle gates, the wind in her mane and the sun shining off her royal corn! Run Home Beautiful Unicorn! Run home! We hope we got our equestrian knowledge right, I think we should have to verify it with the Saddle Club.   

An example of the creative process

download song here!

You Are My Unicorn
You are my Unicorn is really about our respect for Princess Beautiful Sparkle and how we have dedicated our time to tell her legendary story. When Unicorn Sparkle completes her Uniquestrian task through finding the Krystall dome, the creatures of Unicornia are inspired by her bravery and majestic spirit. When her great Quest begins, the animals support her with loyalty unparalleled. When the time comes for her crowning, songs like You are my Unicorn spilled through the land and were sung by many. The ancient Unicorn Rock tradition of making a round was used in her honour. Rejoice! Rejoice!

download song here!

Twilight Princess

Twilight Princess is a very simple song which is full of complex emotions. When Princess Beautiful Sparkle and the Unicorn Prince Gattakius were kidnapped by the enemy, the creatures of Unicornia were stunned into a mournful silence. When Jen or the "poet" (as she is known in the land of Unicornia) struck a solemn cord on the keyboard, it resulted in a stream of words which ended in song. Twilight Princess mourns for the majesty of Princess Beautiful Sparkle and her return to Unicornia. The climax at the end symbolises the unification of all beings in grief and yet...there is hope, a strong voice calling out to find her. It is a song we can all relate to as we follow her journey through our concept album

Mickey says this sounds like Smoosh. Oh and it cuts off, how great are our harmonies?

download song here!

I'm A Tree

The Forest Song

The Sohpie Song



take that corn, unicorn horn.
corn horn corn yeah